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Land of Hope and Heat Christopher Jones

Land of Hope and Heat

Christopher Jones

Kindle Edition
305 pages
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 About the Book 

This novel was short listed for Literary Pop Idol award. The Author has written for television and radio. The novel spans from the 1970s through the 1990s. Tanya and Peter are teenage lovers living in an English New Town north of London. They are torn apart by Tanya’s parents decision to try for a better life in Australia. The lovers vow to meet when they are both “legal age” and can marry and this is their journey.The move to Australia is traumatic for Tanya and her parents as they fight their way into work, into their new society and into a new way of thinking. They also have to fight the naturl elements, which threaten to defeat them.Peter and Tanya meanwhile try to write to each other but Tanya’s overbearing mother, Sandra, intercepts and destroys all of Peter’s letters. Pregnant with Peter’s baby and in despair when she believes he has abandoned her, Tanya falls into a relationship on the rebound with Andy, the son of their Australian sponsors. He turns out to be a manipulative spirit who pushes his way into Tanya’s life, ousting all other competition by force of personality and physical threats.After this enforced separation, Peter and Tanya live their parallel lives through these turbulent years and equally turbulent relationships that reflect the times in which they are living. But two determined souls can rip apart the world to find each other if they know it is the only thing that will bring meaning to their lives.This is a steamy, volatile, at times funny, touching and insightful novel reflecting the vicissitudes and changing attitudes of the decades it spans and the societies that produced the protagonists. Its themes of love, loyalty, sexual and moral politics, family intrigue, the pain of uprooting and survival of the fittest provide a perfect roadmap into the two countries and time period in which it is set and the compelling characters whose story unravels within them.